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Anna Petyarre

Anna Petyarre is the widow of Colin Price and a relatively well known Anmatyerre artist from Boundary Bore Community in the Utopia Homelands, Central Australia. She was born circa 1965 and has several children and grandchildren. Anna was a selected entrant in the 15th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award and her paintings have been exhibited extensively around Australia.

Anna primarily paints Yam Seed Dreaming, her works are colourful and intricate expressions of the songs and stories associated with her plant totem, the Bush Yam, and its seeds. The Bush Yam has been a staple food and water source for the Anmatyerre people for countless years, and the seeds that form and scatter from the plant are ground up to make flour for damper. During ceremony it is Anna's duty to pay homage to the yam seeds and give thanks for their abundance and regenerative qualities. By painting to the tempo of a ceremonial song, Anna expresses her connection to her plant totem in a permanent medium.

She is a versatile and creative artist who has changed her painting style radically several times over the last decade. Her work is consistently beautiful and becoming more collectible as she develops her craft and cements her reputation as on of Utopia's rising stars.

Anna Petyarre 01
Bush Yam
120cm x 180cm

Anna Petyarre 02
Bush Yam
120cm x 180cm

Anna Petyarre
Bush Yam
180cm x 180cm